Imbibed Rodent Writing

speaking of Captain and Tennille — and if you have been a regular reader, you will remember the reference — When I was little, Muskrat Love was my very favorite song. Ever. Muskrats? In love? What’s better than that? One night my boyfriend and a bunch of friends were out on 6th street in Austin. 6th Street is about as cheese filled as you can get. Like, the streets are lined with Velveeta and the best cheese bars ever. One cheese bar featured dualing piano players. Oh yes it did. As the piano players were up there dualing, they took requests for songs. So I wrote very carefully on my piece of paper “Chipmunk Love”. One of the duo read my request and basically said 1) no way and 2) it is Muskrat Love. Yeah. Did I mention that we were drinking? Maybe that makes it funnier. When I remember it, it is way funnier than when I read it……

But it does remind me of another drunken night spent writing about rodents. The night my best friend and I were on the Fish Lot (the college parking lot roughly the size of Alabama) armed with a bottle of shoe polish each. In what we thought was a purely hysterical move, we scribbled “Meerkats RULE!” on every frat boy car we could find. Days and weeks later, we’d see cars driving around with Meerkats RULE driven by cocky frat boys with their baseball caps on backward. It is hard to look cool when Meerkats RULE is your statement of choice.



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3 responses to “Imbibed Rodent Writing

  1. muskrat sally… wasn’t that one of the names. I was a fan myself of “horse with no name”.

    Have you given any thought to selling your crafty-ness at

  2. “Muskrat Sally, Muskrat Sam
    Doin’ the Jitterbug in Muskrat land….”

    wow. they don’t write lyrics like that anymore!

  3. re: — I’ve never looked in to it. I’m not so good with the technology. (I know that’s shocking!) I’ll have to look in to it. I’ve never even been on the site!

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