Letters just like these (albeit, not nearly as cute) are on sale at this fluffy expensive baby chic store for $25 a piece. A PIECE! Bought them for $1.99 a piece (a piece!) and bought 4 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper that were .50 each, but they were on sale for 50% off — so that’s a whopping dollar for paper. So, who is the idiot that buys $25 letters? Because I would really like to show them how easy peasy this was to make. Or, you know, sell them some of my letters for the bargain price of $24.50 each.



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7 responses to “Letters

  1. Oh! Oh! I love crafty crap. My DH calls it that. Cute letters. Were they from Michael’s? I’ve been wanting to get some for my little one’s name.

  2. Jill

    Hey – just saw this linked over on the apartment therapy nursery blog….what a great idea! thanks!

  3. Elizabeth

    Tell us, where did you get them?

  4. I think it was Hobby Lobby. It may have been Michael’s – I get them confused. But they were only $1.99!

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  6. They are lovely – and I get you. I feel the same about my monogrammed wall hangings that were NOT $99.00 from PBteen, but instead $2.19 + a few pennies of paint.

    These are really fun – I likey likey!

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