Stripey Mirror

so is my camera really that crappy? that’s a part of it or is it Photobucket? no. Just me! This is a super cute mirror, but it certainly doesn’t show here. This mirror really is much cuter in person. The green in Gianna is the same green that’s in the center of the little white flower, so it ties it together. And the green is a totally different shade than what shows up here. Oh, and not shown is the grograin pink bow hanger. But I can’t take another picture b/c I’ve already sold it. And I didn’t take a very good picture b/c I didn’t know I was going to start a blog.

Whew! I talk a lot!



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3 responses to “Stripey Mirror

  1. Okay, I am so into this kind of stuff too! Is that just an Ikea mirror that you got “all crafty on” or did you get it somewhere else or make it? I have a thing with mirror, not so much I like to look in them, as I like to get/make them. Every room must have atleast one mirror!

  2. What would happen if you tried scanning it instead of just photograpging it?

  3. charli – Yep, that’s an IKEA mirror that I got all crafty on (love that phrase!)

    karen – I don’t have a scanner, but I bet that would work. I am really low tech! Maybe I’ll have to look in to that, b/c these picures suck.

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