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My sewing machine is happy

The skirts started it all. The truth is I had not even looked at my sewing machine in the last 4 years. It had been stored in a closet, snuggled up next to old books and camping equipment, neglected and dusty. Even when I used it 4+ years ago, it was only to make pillows and a set of curtains. Basically anything shaped like a square or rectangle.

Earlier this month, I dug out my trusty sewing machine and made tissue holders (inspiration here). I wanted to whet my sewing feet with something small and patternless. Then I sucked it up and Bought A Pattern. An actual pattern. Not a rectangle or square. And I made the skirts. (inspiration here). And they could actually be worn outside of the house!

It amazes me that since the beginning of March, I’ve made:

  • two tissue holders
  • skirt for me
  • skirt for daughter
  • apron for me
  • apron for daughter
  • two summer dresses for my daughter
  • a bag for my daughter
  • a summery shirt for my daughter (which actually may not make it out of the house. It is kind of eeehh.)
  • a pair of shorts for my daughter

I plan on blogging the aprons and dresses this week. I need to put some finishing touches on them and then they’re good to go. The shorts I’m pretty proud of simply because I figured out the “stick one leg inside the other” trick — and it worked!

(A big thank you to Lera for all the inspiration! My sewing machine thanks you too!)



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bag lady

Yesterday I whipped up a purple gingham bag for my daughter. Look at me tossing around words like “whipped up” — like I’m some kind of pro or something!

But if “whipped up” = less than an hour, then I have officially whipped!

My daughter loves her new bag. I finished it up just before we left for dinner last night. She insisted on bringing it with her to the restaurant, and then to the bookstore after. She was carrying very important cargo — two of her teddy bears. She slung the bag over her shoulder and walked proudly and purposefully.

My husband thinks it is great, but is questioning the need for yet another bag.

(at least this one is lacking pink!)

This is our back door. There are now 7 bags hanging on there. Seven out of a gazillion bags and purses that are in this house. I have a bag and purse problem. Seriously.


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plums and eggplants don’t mix

So the eggplant shirt I have that was going to match the drapery fabric so perfectly? Not so matchy. At all.

Turns out my shirt is not eggplant (eggplant, eggplant, EGGPLANT!). Or the fabric isn’t. Maybe it is more plum-ish?  Or something. But not the matchy wonder I thought it would be.

I bought the fabric and washed it in hot water to shrink it. Then I cut it out and sewed it up in to another skirt. Not until THEN — after I’d already sewed it up — did I bother to dig the formerly-known-as-eggplant shirt out of the closet and see if it matched.

Oh well. The skirt only cost $3.99, so I likey the pricey.

(I managed to keep my eggplant usage at 6 again in this post. Unless you count that last sentence, then it is 7……)


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ribbon pillow

More ribbon! I can’t pass up ribbon! Especially when it is only 99 cents a roll.

I cut the pieces ~12 inches each:

played around with different weaves:

and made it in to a pillow for my daughter’s apple green & hot pink room:

total cost = $2.00 plus a little stuffing and scrap white cotton. Love it!


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preschool peeper

On the way home from dinner, my 3.5 year old daughter said “Let’s not go home yet”. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said “Let’s drive around and look at pretty houses…..:”.

I am training her well!


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do these drapes make my butt look big?

Can I wear drapery fabric as a skirt? What are the rules on that? Can only Scarlet O’Hara and the kids in The Sound of Music pull that off?

I bought this fabric a year or two ago and covered a rescued piano bench top with it. The piano bench was awful – black chipped paint and disGUSting fabric. (no “before” pictures, so you’ll have to trust me on the disgustingness) I sprayed the legs and stapled the new fabric on it, and now it sits proudly in our kitchen.

(it’s also the fabric I have as my header up there — its from the Laurie Smith collection )

So I was at Hancock Fabrics today and all their Laurie Smith (the least offensive Trading Spaces decorator) line of fabrics were on sale for $3.99 a yard. I’m pretty sure I bought it originally for $14-$15 ish. There are tons of really cute prints and I am totally salivating. I carted around a bolt of my bench print for a while. It was the same print but had an eggplant color in it instead of the greenish color. A beautiful eggplant. An eggplant color that just happens to be the exact same shade of eggplant as a shirt that I have hanging in the closet. A lone eggplant shirt with nothing to match it. Until now!

But it is drapery fabric. Or upholstery. Or something that is not “clothing and apparel” fabric. So I put it back. But I keep thinking about it. My original bench print (and its eggplant hued cousin) and several others are swirling in my head. Can I do it? Is that weird?

Q: how many times can I use the word eggplant in a post?

A: apparently 6 times



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cock a doodle doo


I got too cocky with the skirts.

I was still riding the skirt high. I was all “oh this is easy! I can follow patterns! Look at me go!”.  I bought an easy (no zippers!) pattern for my daughter and naively thought I could whip up a pair of shorts and maybe even a shirt as quickly as I made the Matchy McMatcherson skirts.


I wanted to make shorts. I ended up making an unrecognizable wad of fabric.


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