What happened to my post? The one with the funkadelic box?  Is is obvious that technology totally eludes me?

It is amazing I even know how to e-mail…..



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3 responses to “MISSING: post

  1. Welcome! (found via Kerflop)

    [a href=”http://www.whatever.com”]Stuff you want linked[/a] except use pointy brackets and change the “whatever.com” to the correct URL. 🙂 I love your crafty stuff!

  2. Came here via Kerflop. I’m going to teach you how to link b/c I’m quite certain you rawk the house and will be around a long while.

    Imagine the brackets below are the “” signs, okay?

    [a href=”http://www.kerflop.com” title=”Kerflop”]Kerflop[/a]

    And, if you have the HTML Editor turned on in your WordPress you’ll see a button that says “link”. You can highlight “Kerflop” and then click “link” and it will ask you for her URL. Then, you enter the URL in the box and it’ll create the actual link for you.

    Have fun with the bloggity goodness.

  3. okay. I will be first. you get the best desserts that way! WoW! love the box. And your cuteness.

    Linking [a href=”http.//sitename”]sitename[/a] and replace the [ ] with .

    Also, how cute is that little smilie at the very very bottom of your page. Too cute!

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