accidental pockets

I always forget to bring gloves. My fingers risk frostbite while my gloves sit nice and toasty in the closet at home. I finished up this scarf and decided to put pockets in the bottom to hold my gloves. Actually, I didn’t decide to. That makes it sound like I knew I was going to do it. What happened was I’d made the scarf way too long – like giraffe scarf long – and was playing with the ends and came up with the pocket idea. So this way I 1) won’t trip over the excess scarfage I made and 2) have somewhere to keep my gloves! Now I think I’ll make all my scarves this way – on purpose.



Filed under crafty

3 responses to “accidental pockets

  1. Not only genius, but depending on how you wear your scarf, you could just put your hands in there too.

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