Big Skirt, Little Skirt

The last time I followed an actual pattern I was in my 8th grade Home Economics class. I made a rockin‘ prairie skirt. It was brown and had an eyelet lace ruffle. So very Little House on the Prairie, and trust me, LHOTP was hot in the 80s. I like to sew, but have no patience for patterns. They confuse and frustrate me and I can never get the tissue paper all folded up and stuffed back in the envelope. But I was totally inspired by this “pull on” (a.k.a. – no zipper. I’ve never done a zipper….) skirt. I bought the pattern [Simplicity 5505] this weekend and finished this skirt in less than an hour!

I hemmed it with hot pink bias tape. I made my 3.5 year old the same skirt, but added a white grosgrain ribbon to the bottom to lengthen it a smidge. I can’t imagine ever being all Matchy McMatcherson and wearing them together, but there was left over fabric that I just couldn’t waste!

p.s. TISSUE PATTERN TIP: I put clear tape all around the perimeter of the pattern before cutting it out. It helped give it a little oompfh for stability and as a bonus, I am not worried about tearing it. Tricky huh?



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9 responses to “Big Skirt, Little Skirt

  1. nice, I like the tape idea. How about pictures of the two of you in your matchy Mcmatcherson outfits?!

  2. Likey! As much as I’m a fabricaholic, I am also a patternaholic. So I may have to go get this one too. 😉

  3. As a child I was forever being pushed into matching with my little sisters.
    As a teenager, it seemed as if my mom and I did it accidentally every Sunday for church.
    As an adult, part of me wants to match my three year old and the other part of me has seen my MIL and SIL do it too much and am slightly disgusted/embarrased for them. They do it on purpose. They are nearly fifty and sixteen. Ya.

  4. the skirts are great! you did a wonderful job on them. the bias tape really makes it pop.

  5. Amy

    Love the skirts! I secretly have a desire to put me and my three year old daughter in matchy outfits but haven’t had the nerve. Don’t want to come off even more dorky than I already do. I will say I think we look pretty cool in our matching sock monkey jammies, though.

  6. thanks ya’ll! I enjoyed making them, and am already itching to make another. It was so easy! I got the fabric for $3.99 yd at Joanne – maybe next time I’ll go for something more expensive – like $6.99! 🙂

  7. oh, just for fun- here is my favorite place to screen shop for fabric:

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