do these drapes make my butt look big?

Can I wear drapery fabric as a skirt? What are the rules on that? Can only Scarlet O’Hara and the kids in The Sound of Music pull that off?

I bought this fabric a year or two ago and covered a rescued piano bench top with it. The piano bench was awful – black chipped paint and disGUSting fabric. (no “before” pictures, so you’ll have to trust me on the disgustingness) I sprayed the legs and stapled the new fabric on it, and now it sits proudly in our kitchen.

(it’s also the fabric I have as my header up there — its from the Laurie Smith collection )

So I was at Hancock Fabrics today and all their Laurie Smith (the least offensive Trading Spaces decorator) line of fabrics were on sale for $3.99 a yard. I’m pretty sure I bought it originally for $14-$15 ish. There are tons of really cute prints and I am totally salivating. I carted around a bolt of my bench print for a while. It was the same print but had an eggplant color in it instead of the greenish color. A beautiful eggplant. An eggplant color that just happens to be the exact same shade of eggplant as a shirt that I have hanging in the closet. A lone eggplant shirt with nothing to match it. Until now!

But it is drapery fabric. Or upholstery. Or something that is not “clothing and apparel” fabric. So I put it back. But I keep thinking about it. My original bench print (and its eggplant hued cousin) and several others are swirling in my head. Can I do it? Is that weird?

Q: how many times can I use the word eggplant in a post?

A: apparently 6 times




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4 responses to “do these drapes make my butt look big?

  1. if you made the skirt it might hang funny simply because of the weight.

  2. cute bench and cover.

    not sure about using that fabric for clothing. i guess it depends how it hangs and holds its shape. also, it might not be very washable.

  3. I agree, it depends on the weight and drape, but, to give you hope, I have a dress made from Home Deco. fabric. It’s a sheer though, with a lining underneath. My mom wants living room curtains made out of it, too and threatened to make them while I was still single living at home. How embarrassing would that be to be picked up by a date and him not notice me cuz I’m standing by the curtains, blending in.

  4. I forgot to come back and tell you that you ought to make a bag out of the fabric and then you can carry/use it everyday!

    Amy Butler has some uber hip bag patterns- just google her.

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