ribbon pillow

More ribbon! I can’t pass up ribbon! Especially when it is only 99 cents a roll.

I cut the pieces ~12 inches each:

played around with different weaves:

and made it in to a pillow for my daughter’s apple green & hot pink room:

total cost = $2.00 plus a little stuffing and scrap white cotton. Love it!



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6 responses to “ribbon pillow

  1. cute. love the colors.

  2. Ahem. I totally knew that would make a cute pillow when you did the runner! I have seen them in stores for over twenty dollars and always admired them but no way was I going to buy them for that!

  3. thanks! 🙂

    Charli – you’re right! you did mention that! maybe I subliminally remembered your comment?!

  4. Wow, I just love that pillow! My daughter would love for me to make her one. Thanks for showing how you did it! I’ll let you know if I get one done and I’ll post a picture of it on my blog too (of course leaving a link to yours so they can see how it’s really supposed to look. My things always tend to turn out a little different..lol..)

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

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