plums and eggplants don’t mix

So the eggplant shirt I have that was going to match the drapery fabric so perfectly? Not so matchy. At all.

Turns out my shirt is not eggplant (eggplant, eggplant, EGGPLANT!). Or the fabric isn’t. Maybe it is more plum-ish?  Or something. But not the matchy wonder I thought it would be.

I bought the fabric and washed it in hot water to shrink it. Then I cut it out and sewed it up in to another skirt. Not until THEN — after I’d already sewed it up — did I bother to dig the formerly-known-as-eggplant shirt out of the closet and see if it matched.

Oh well. The skirt only cost $3.99, so I likey the pricey.

(I managed to keep my eggplant usage at 6 again in this post. Unless you count that last sentence, then it is 7……)



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2 responses to “plums and eggplants don’t mix

  1. LOVE that fabric-

  2. great price for a skirt! and custom made, too 🙂

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