bag lady

Yesterday I whipped up a purple gingham bag for my daughter. Look at me tossing around words like “whipped up” — like I’m some kind of pro or something!

But if “whipped up” = less than an hour, then I have officially whipped!

My daughter loves her new bag. I finished it up just before we left for dinner last night. She insisted on bringing it with her to the restaurant, and then to the bookstore after. She was carrying very important cargo — two of her teddy bears. She slung the bag over her shoulder and walked proudly and purposefully.

My husband thinks it is great, but is questioning the need for yet another bag.

(at least this one is lacking pink!)

This is our back door. There are now 7 bags hanging on there. Seven out of a gazillion bags and purses that are in this house. I have a bag and purse problem. Seriously.



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6 responses to “bag lady

  1. I wish I could do that kinda stuff. Those bags would be great to use at the bookstore. Instead of all the plastic.

  2. My three year old has a purse problem as well. So does her mom. It is only getting worse- I found a great pattern with two different bags. Plus, I have found a hobo/slouch bag pattern on the iternet that I am dying to try but I know I am not skilled enough or patient enough yet for it.

    We are both such girly girls. My husband never stood a chance.

  3. Problem? a girl can never have too many bags.
    good work.

  4. Cute bag !
    I’ve lost count of the number of diaper/tote bags I currently own.

  5. Having too many bags? There’s no such thing!
    I’m a proud owner of “too many” bags and I still think that I don’t have enough of them!

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