My sewing machine is happy

The skirts started it all. The truth is I had not even looked at my sewing machine in the last 4 years. It had been stored in a closet, snuggled up next to old books and camping equipment, neglected and dusty. Even when I used it 4+ years ago, it was only to make pillows and a set of curtains. Basically anything shaped like a square or rectangle.

Earlier this month, I dug out my trusty sewing machine and made tissue holders (inspiration here). I wanted to whet my sewing feet with something small and patternless. Then I sucked it up and Bought A Pattern. An actual pattern. Not a rectangle or square. And I made the skirts. (inspiration here). And they could actually be worn outside of the house!

It amazes me that since the beginning of March, I’ve made:

  • two tissue holders
  • skirt for me
  • skirt for daughter
  • apron for me
  • apron for daughter
  • two summer dresses for my daughter
  • a bag for my daughter
  • a summery shirt for my daughter (which actually may not make it out of the house. It is kind of eeehh.)
  • a pair of shorts for my daughter

I plan on blogging the aprons and dresses this week. I need to put some finishing touches on them and then they’re good to go. The shorts I’m pretty proud of simply because I figured out the “stick one leg inside the other” trick — and it worked!

(A big thank you to Lera for all the inspiration! My sewing machine thanks you too!)



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4 responses to “My sewing machine is happy

  1. Well, thank YOU for reading my blogs! I am looking forward to seeing your aprons and dresses.

    (And, just so you know, not all projects turn out. I’ve even blogged about them on my “real” blog.)

  2. I can’t wait to see what you made! I have been thinking about making a couple of sundresses for my daughter, but I am still a little timid with sewing actual clothes.

  3. wow- super productive!!

  4. Amy

    You’re SEW productive. Har! Don’t you just love a good pun? Me neither.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I’m on a sewing kick myself. I might actually try some clothing more difficult than an apron.

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