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I do bake! but not often!

I am not a good cook. I don’t enjoy anything about it. And believe me, anyone who has been subjected to my cooking doesn’t enjoy it either. BUT, I made matching aprons for my daughter and me. I guess I have more Matchy McMatcherson tendencies in me than I thought.

waist apron for me — full apron for my daughter

See the part in the middle that is edged with rick rack? That is a little flap thingy to wipe wet or dirty hands on — like a built in towel. We made brownies the other day as a test run for the aprons. No mess! Yea, success!



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chocolate and strawberries and stripes (oh my!)


More Laurie Smith goodness. Now marked to $2.99 a YARD! And this is upholstery fabric, so it is the big long humongo size!

I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about making a bag, but I have so many. I don’t know if I’d really use it. It is just sitting here, burning a hole in my……sewing machine? (Go with me here — like money “burning a hole in my pocket” — I want to immediately make something with it. Like now.)



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I watch too much TV and a question

  • Does Bob the Anteater creep anyone else out? I love Stoner Snook. He’s so……dude! And grumpy ass Ick and haute princess Burdette make me laugh. But Bob just has this weird Creepy Ant Stalker vibe going on. It makes me visibly shudder when he talks about “the (gulp)….ants “.
  • Mare Winningham is supposed to be Meredith Grey‘s step mother. It bugged me, but then I thought maybe, just maybe, Meredith’s dad got cozy with a much younger woman. That’s plausible. But then that theory was blown when Mare kept talking about “when you were younger….” and “when you were a kid…..”. Does trivial stuff like this not bug anyone else? (probably not). I mean, she’d have to have been TEN years old when Meredith was born. I know! I looked it up on IMDb. I know! I’m a freak.
  • QUESTION: what do you do with your fabric scraps? I am finding myself incapable of throwing scraps out. My grandmother, an absolutely incredible seamstress who sewed thousands (no exaggeration) of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, kept all her scraps stuffed in a white trash bag. Not the most efficient organization, although it made for countless hours of scrap digging pleasure for me growing up. I need a system. I have a pile of “smallish” scraps and “bigger type” scraps. Right now they are in Ziploc bags. Just a step up from the big white trash bag.


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pat myself on the back

I just returned from Target. Empty handed. Oh yeah, you read that right. Empty.

I pushed the big red cart around the store. Empty.

Then I left. With nothing.

I am pretty amazed at this non-shopping experience. I mean we’re talking TARGET here.


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ribbon flower power

My extra fancy ribbon flower tutorial:


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candy necklace

This necklace reminds me of hard candies.

The glass beads have an iridescent shimmer and the colors are much more vibrant. I need a new camera. Any recommendations? Seriously.

And here’s me looking like a big dork smiling for the camera while I’m taking a picture of myself. Nothing like saying “cheese” out loud to yourself while you’re standing in the guest bathroom.

Oh, and because I feel compelled to report on my frugality, the beads were on major sale for a little less than 2 bucks a package. The necklace took two packages. Yea!


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sleep shorts

I tried to get pics of the aprons, shorts and dresses, but modeling clothing apparently does not hold the interest of a preschooler. There goes my plans to be a pageant mom.

Here are two pair of sleep shorts. I can’t tell you the thrill I get when I turn them right side out and see that I actually made a pair of shorts! Not a wad of fabric!

This is the back of the cowgirl shorts. I thought I was making them with bandana on the left and gingham on the right (and vice versa), but somehow I made them with both ginghams on one side and both bandanas on the other. So I stuck pockets on the back. They looked too plain all ginghamy by themselves. These are to wear with the *Gruene Hall t-shirt that she loves to sleep in!

These have little clouds and flowers. I made a zigzag stitch on the bias tape. I like zigzagging. The fabric is like $1.97 a yard. Since I’m such a novice, I keep my fabric on the cheap side. Not until I posted this picture did I notice that it looks like I have the clouds running vertically. Dang.

(* bonus points if you’ve heard of Gruene Hall. Extra bonus points if you’ve been there!)


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