I can dial with the best of them….

Score! I feel slightly guilty, but mostly pretty darn pleased with my ability to call an 800 number. Back Story: I found a Polly Pockets ‘Click -n- Go’ set at my lovely Target after Christmas for $4.98. We got it out one afternoon and immediately realized that ‘Click -n- Go’ stands for “magnetic clothes that fall off the instant you touch them” (what weird Googles am I going to get from that sentence?). Polly and pals were a bust. The clothes clicked on front to back, which meant that if you picked her up, you’d inadvertantly touch the sides and the clothes would fall off. So, not much fun. But much frustration for a preschooler that, you know, actually wanted to play with Polly, which would involve picking her up. And as an extra bonus, the kit included two micro flowers. Seriously they were about as big as a pinky toenail. But they were magnetic. Oh were they magnetic. Super duper sticking power. I’d read about the recalls, so I decided to call the 800 number on the package (that I dug out of the trash) and let them know about the itty bitty blue flowers. I got a very nice employee and told her the boring story (are ya’ll still reading this? wake up!) mentioning the flowers and the frustration factor. According to her this set had not been recalled. She said she’d send out a gift certificate for any Mattel product. She looked up the “going rate” on the Polly Pockets set I purchased for $4.98 and she said she’d send out a certificate for TWENTY TWO dollars! Cha-ching!

But seriously, who do the Polly Pockets People think they are making these toys for? I mean, the shoes! The so-small-they-are-almost-invisible shoes?! It makes the obsessive little organizer in my a bit crazy. Must. Keep. Shoes. Together. AAAaaaagh!



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3 responses to “I can dial with the best of them….

  1. my daughter got a much desired PP swimming pool playset when she was 3. It fell apart the instant she touched it, and no amount of super glue or anything else we could come up with helped. Mattell sent us a GC, as well, but really, wouldn’t it be better to just make toys that, you know, work?

    Tiny little Polly shoes multiply in your carpet. Just ask my vaccuum cleaner.

  2. We don’t own any PP yet. My little girl plays with them at my mother’s house … or shall I say I am forced to “play” with them because I have to do all the dressing. The shoes are microscopic.

    And good for you for making money on your complaint. I am a complainer when it comes to bad products, too.

  3. Thanks for the heads up- Hali will definately NOT be getting any Polly Pocket products!

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