sleep shorts

I tried to get pics of the aprons, shorts and dresses, but modeling clothing apparently does not hold the interest of a preschooler. There goes my plans to be a pageant mom.

Here are two pair of sleep shorts. I can’t tell you the thrill I get when I turn them right side out and see that I actually made a pair of shorts! Not a wad of fabric!

This is the back of the cowgirl shorts. I thought I was making them with bandana on the left and gingham on the right (and vice versa), but somehow I made them with both ginghams on one side and both bandanas on the other. So I stuck pockets on the back. They looked too plain all ginghamy by themselves. These are to wear with the *Gruene Hall t-shirt that she loves to sleep in!

These have little clouds and flowers. I made a zigzag stitch on the bias tape. I like zigzagging. The fabric is like $1.97 a yard. Since I’m such a novice, I keep my fabric on the cheap side. Not until I posted this picture did I notice that it looks like I have the clouds running vertically. Dang.

(* bonus points if you’ve heard of Gruene Hall. Extra bonus points if you’ve been there!)



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7 responses to “sleep shorts

  1. The rodeo bandana shorts are very cute. I hadn’t noticed the clouds running the wrong direction until you pointed it out. Both are very cute.

  2. So heard of The Hall! I live in Texas too. Hubs cousins all went to school around there. Heck, we honeymooned in San Antonio!

  3. tnmomwith3kids

    I didn’t notice the clouds either. I just adore the bandana fabric. TOO CUTE.

  4. Heard of it and been there! A friend here in Indy used to live in San Antonio and that was one of the stops we made when I went back with her for a visit!

    Do I get bonus points since I’ve never lived in Texas?

  5. Sandy, you get triple bonus points! 🙂

  6. I like these ! (Sorry, I’m french and I don’t speak english well…)

  7. It was last weekend’s outing. I live in Austin.

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