pat myself on the back

I just returned from Target. Empty handed. Oh yeah, you read that right. Empty.

I pushed the big red cart around the store. Empty.

Then I left. With nothing.

I am pretty amazed at this non-shopping experience. I mean we’re talking TARGET here.



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5 responses to “pat myself on the back

  1. wow! somehow, things just jump in my cart at target. especially things from the clearance sections.

  2. You are a tower of self control and restraint. I’m a “let’s look at everything in the store now and then come back in a week or two when I can finally decide what I HAVE to have” kind of girl. Unless its on the discount rack, that is…

  3. oh. my. gosh. wow. impressive. indeed.

  4. I didn’t think that was humanly possible.

  5. Amy

    That IS noteworthy! I used to be guaranteed a $100 bill every single time I went to Target. It was almost uncanny. Every time. $100. The clearance sections are my absolute downfall.
    Lately I’ve been a lot better. I haven’t gone and when I have I haven’t spent nearly that much.
    Good for you!

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