chocolate and strawberries and stripes (oh my!)


More Laurie Smith goodness. Now marked to $2.99 a YARD! And this is upholstery fabric, so it is the big long humongo size!

I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about making a bag, but I have so many. I don’t know if I’d really use it. It is just sitting here, burning a hole in my……sewing machine? (Go with me here — like money “burning a hole in my pocket” — I want to immediately make something with it. Like now.)




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5 responses to “chocolate and strawberries and stripes (oh my!)

  1. SO PRETTY! They are yummy-licious, I can see why they are burning holes. I want the stripey one!

    Pillows? Duvet cover? Cafe Curtains? Crib skirt (know anyone with a baby?).

  2. Send it to Charli…..

  3. Just saw this fabric and thought BASKET LINERS!!! I can’t sew, so I just dream of what I would like!

  4. If they are colorfast and washable and I had a baby girl I would back them with some really soft chenille and make a floor playmat. I’m looking for something like that for my baby boy right now. I just want something different than everyone else has, ya know?

    I love them both! How about a tea party mat and place settings for a little girl? Ohh, fun.

  5. How about a craft apron or stretch it over a canvas frame and put it on the wall? It really is so pretty. :o)

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