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signs I’m losing it and also an apron

Signs I am losing it:

1)   Reading through some paperwork I’d filled out for my daughter’s school, I noticed that next to the question “weight at birth” I’d answered “20 lbs.”. TWENTY pounds.

She was twenty inches at birth. 6 pounds and change.  Inches……pounds….whatever.

2) I just called out “C’mon! In here Roomba! C’mon!”.  And expected it to come. Duh.   I was immediately embarrassed that I called out to a robot like it was a pet.  A pet that sucks up hair instead of depositing it.

An apron:

We went to my friend’s son Jack’s 4th birthday party this weekend. She said that he needed an apron for when he plays “chef”. Hey! I can make aprons!

I used some way old Waverly scraps I’ve had tucked away for the apron.

I cut the ‘J’ out of a bandana print patch and made the ties with red double fold bias tape.
We gave him some cute wooden food to go along with it. I hope he likes it!



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