signs I’m losing it and also an apron

Signs I am losing it:

1)   Reading through some paperwork I’d filled out for my daughter’s school, I noticed that next to the question “weight at birth” I’d answered “20 lbs.”. TWENTY pounds.

She was twenty inches at birth. 6 pounds and change.  Inches……pounds….whatever.

2) I just called out “C’mon! In here Roomba! C’mon!”.  And expected it to come. Duh.   I was immediately embarrassed that I called out to a robot like it was a pet.  A pet that sucks up hair instead of depositing it.

An apron:

We went to my friend’s son Jack’s 4th birthday party this weekend. She said that he needed an apron for when he plays “chef”. Hey! I can make aprons!

I used some way old Waverly scraps I’ve had tucked away for the apron.

I cut the ‘J’ out of a bandana print patch and made the ties with red double fold bias tape.
We gave him some cute wooden food to go along with it. I hope he likes it!



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7 responses to “signs I’m losing it and also an apron

  1. oh, that turned out SUPER cute!

    I filled out the school question thing to and was surprised that it asked me pointed questions about my pregnancy. What on earth?

  2. The apron is very cute. The “J” has a perfect shape.

  3. I love the whole bias tape idea! I just found a vinyl table cloth today at Big Lots that I want to make aprons out of (I want to be able to wipe the splatters off) and was about to start cutting out my pattern. Now I am going to wait until I can get to Walmart for some of that tape!

  4. thanks everyone! I got THE sweetest voice mail from Jack’s mom today. She was thrilled with the apron and said all kinds of nice things that made me blush. This whole sewing thing is still new to me, so it is fun to realize that I can actually make stuff that people like!

    charli – you’ll have to post pictures of your vinyl aprons!

  5. Amy

    I once considered calling my new dog at home from work to see how she was getting along. I entertained the thought for several seconds before remembering that she was in fact, a dog and thus could not answer the phone or speak.

  6. Amy – thank you for that. I don’t feel alone!

  7. I want a sewing machine. I need an apron. Aprons are expensive (ridiculously expensive) — the ones that I’ve looked at. And I won’t spend $50.00 on something that doesn’t keep me warm. Your’s are lovely =]

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