Push it good

My daughter comes home with so much art work. Treasures she wants to proudly display. But alas, our refrigerator doors are not large enough to house all her creations. So I hung a huge bulletin board behind her bedroom door, and now she happily comes home from school or library craft time and sticks her masterpieces on her own bulletin board. Perfect solution — except that I wasn’t crazy about the push pins. We have wood floors, and when one of those suckers fell, it would bounce across the room, hiding and waiting for someones innocent bare foot to find it.

I took regular push pins with round heads and mushed Sculpey and Fimo dough  around them. Then bake. Voila, not-as-bouncy but very cute push pins. They are easier for her little hands to maneuver also, which is a plus.

I have tons of left over Sculpey and Fimo dough. What else can I cover and bake?



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4 responses to “Push it good

  1. Cute!
    Have you seen this tutorial for thumb tacks? I made a few last week- SUPER easy and really cute.

  2. My Little Mochi (as well as others) does these cute little animals out of sculpting clay or something similar. They are super cute. My daughter loves little things like that- she’ll carry them around for EVER!

    You can also make little things to decorate plain picture frames with- w/e your motif is for a particular room, princess, beach, kitchen utensils, etc. you get the idea.

    Or to decorate flower pots.

    Or for your own “inspiration board” pins if you have one.

    Or refrigerator magnets. Or hair clips.

    Or you could make beads.

  3. Apples…. – I am SO glad you included that link! I’d never seen (or thought of doing) that before. I am going to try it!

    Charli — thanks for all the ideas! 🙂

  4. Amy

    Very cute! And good to know it’s okay to put the pushpins in the oven.

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