feeling listy

This list is really more for me than you, but maybe you’ll be inspired too? So really, it could be about you.

List of things I want to make:

this lined bag from Tiny Happy

embroider….something…. with these techniques from PurlBee

re-melted crayons from Kiddley

scrap quilt from Happy Things

notebook cover from Craft Apple

fabric covered thumb tacks from HowAboutOrange (via Apple on a Stick’s comment the other day)

hair clips in “sleeping bags” from Angry Chicken


Whew! I better get started!








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3 responses to “feeling listy

  1. lilbooger

    I’ve done a few of those recently. Hali and I have probably melted crayons three or four different times- I don’t use the muffin tins, b/c I never remember to get the foil thingies, but I do have some heart shaped ones that we lay out on a cookie sheet- I’ll post pics on my blog soon. We both love doing this to use up all the broken to pieces crayons.

    Not five minutes ago we finished making some button hair clips. They are very cute. Angry Chicken’s entry today inspired me.

    I have been dying to make some purses/bags/totes and have been stocking up on cute fabrics and embellishments that I might use. I have done a few small ones for Hali and my sisters out of jean cut-off scraps.

    I must start blogging all this! My husband stole my camera and kept it at work for weeks, so I wasn’t able to blog it all!

    I too have been dying to embroider, I did it as a girl (as opposed to the boy I am now?) but then threw out all my hoops and stuff- now wishing I hadn’t…

  2. if it helps, I posted my own tutorial awhile back with all my favorite embroidery links and such.

    I made the push pins- SUPER EASY! Now I want to find larger buttons so I can make magnets!

  3. There are just not enough hours in the day, eh?

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