This is earth. You know that, right?

You’ve got to try this. I suck at geography, and this fun site confirms that statement.



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3 responses to “This is earth. You know that, right?

  1. Speaking of geography, I will be in your town Sunday with the husband and daughter and was wanting to know what are your suggestions for a place to eat. What are a few of your favorite places to eat in or around Austin?

  2. dang! Today is Monday and I missed your comment! Tell me, where did you end up eating? Did you have fun?!

  3. Ugh. We were in a hurry to get home, so we ate at some barbeque (if you want to call it that) place called “Bill Miller’s Barbeque”.
    The brisquet (sp?) was ok, the sausage was cheap and tasted waaay too much like a cheap hot dog for my tastes.
    The chicken strips my daughter got were pretty great though- I didn’t know you could fit that much crispy breading on one piece of chicken! We’ve got so many great bbq places around here though- I fear I am very picky about it!

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