for my ears

Making jewelry can be so relaxing. I love picking out color combinations, playing with the order, rolling the beads between my fingers….all of it! (Except for the wire bending. Making little loops actually makes me want to scream. But other than that….). I especially love organizing beads in those plastic embroidery floss containers. I love categorizing the beads by their color, shape, size and texture. I get giddy when I open a new bag of mixed beads that are just screaming to be organized! Does that say too much about my naturally OCD personality!?

Check out the earrings I made last night!


I don’t know if/when I’ll wear these (probably with a white tee shirt), but I like them!



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3 responses to “for my ears

  1. Amy

    Those are beautiful!

  2. Want to entertain Hali and I for a good half an hour? Give us a new bag of buttons to organize by color into the fishing tackle organizer set up that I bought just for that reason! Hali loves exclaiming over the “cool” ones that are odd shapes.

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