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I have taken pictures of my newest crafty creations. And by “newest”, I mean “in the last two months”. I officially have too many projects, too many ideas, swarming in my head. I wish I had a big, fancy craft room because I’m kind of tired of the house looking like a pit. On any given day, I have the sewing machine, fabric yo-yo stuff (I’m becoming addicted to Yo Yos! addictive!) sewing supplies, jewelry making stuff, and scrapbooking stuff all in the family room at the same time. And our family room is NOT that big.

The scrapbooking stuff is spread out because we need to finish a big scrapbook project for our adoption (!) process. I was all over writing it. But now that it is time to put it on actual PAGES and make it look INTERESTING and not all SAPPY, I am frozen. I like to scrap, but I’ve only scrapped for myself. Now we are writing like the most important scrap book/letter EVER to….someone we don’t know. Intimidating. But it has to be finished by June 9th. So there.

I’ve also been making pajamas for kids, and I must say they are ADORABLE! The most recent pajamas I made were for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. Her friend drew a cat, and I embroidered her picture on to a shirt. Trust me on the cuteness until I get the pictures loaded. (And then, please act like it is cute even if you don’t think so because I am sensitive like that….).


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