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putzing on the ‘puter

I have been spending far more time clicking away on the computer than crafting. I’m feeling a total crafting jones, but the closest I’ve come is admiring other people’s work. Here are some I’ve been drooling over lately

Polka Dot Pineapple is fun and refreshing. And also gives me ideas for my latest Yo Yo addiction. That’s the only crafty thing I’ve been doing — making Yo Yos. I have a ziploc bag of Yo Yos and nothing to do with them…..yet.

Grace Violet has a pink desk. I want it. And I want her craftability, too!

Plenty of ideas for scraps here, along with free patterns. Free is my favorite kind of pattern.

I want the Nester to come decorate my house.

Sparkle Power has tons of sewing ideas. She never titles her posts…..very mysterious!

And then June has been making me snort out loud. Funny, funny, funny stuff.

So as you can see, I’ve been busy. Very busy sitting in this comfy chair with my laptop…..



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more pink pajamas

Apparently I like pink. Here are the pink pajamas for our little friend Annie. If you look sideways, you’ll see Annie’s signature and drawing of a cat in light blue. That’s what I used as a “pattern”.

Here’s a close up of the completed cat and signature.

And here are the completed pajamas. The cat face fabric and the pajama bottoms are the same fabric.

I really like the process. When the kid outgrows the pajamas, the shirt can be made in to a pillow!

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