I’m an organizer. I drool in The Container Store. I empty out and re-order friends’ closets for fun. My house might not reflect my love for organizing (i.e. messy!) but certain aspects of my house are extremely organized. (i.e. my junk drawer is in order. So what if my counters are a mess?!)

I’ve discovered a new organizing obsession — TiVo.

We just got TiVo (…..might upgrade our 8-Track stereo in the car next….) and I’ve found great organizing pleasure in deleting TiVo’s recommendations in the Now Playing list. I actually look forward to going through it at the end of the day and deleting.

Oh, who am I kidding? Sometimes I can’t wait. I’ve been known to delete TWICE a day.



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2 responses to “organizing

  1. I love organization of all sorts as well. I probably carry it a little too far at times.

    Our DVR recently decided to start randomly recording shows that we didn’t set it up to record. We think we have too many neighbors with Dish around here. But I love deleting shows like those and ones we’ve already watched and making plenty of room for new ones (my daughter’s cartoons take up almost all of our available space on the DVR). It is oddly satisfying. Organizing! From the couch! Doesn’t get better than that!

  2. you so totally get me Charli! 🙂

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