I don’t like Ike

We have electricity! Which is more than I can say for hundreds of our neighbors.

There used to be a beautifully blooming Redbud tree in the front yard. I loved the way it bloomed its happy, magenta colored fluffy flowers, but my husband didn’t like the way it was so very close to the house. Something about foundation and stuff. Anyway, now we don’t have the Redbud tree anymore, to my husband’s delight.

We also used to have a fence between our house and our neighbors. The fence is maybe 7 years old, so pretty new for fence years. (It would be 49 if it was a dog). Now we don’t have that fence anymore. I forget this every time I go to the bathroom. And ever time I walk around only semi-clothed. Hi neighbors! Who knew your kitchen and back yard porch were SO close to our bathroom!? Obviously not me. Over and over and over again.

As much as it sounds fun, sleeping in a closet with a grown man, a preschooler, a one month old and a pissed off cat is actually more comfortable than you’d think. I know.


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One response to “I don’t like Ike

  1. Oh! I didn’t even think that far north you’d be without power! Yikes. We got ours back the Monday night after the storm. We were one of the first neighborhoods in our area to get power back. It was nice, but geeze did I feel guilty!

    And also? A one month old? Didn’t realize you had a baby… wow. Congratulations!

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