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Love this idea! I always run in to chairs and tables at yard sales (I have lots of bruises on my legs! HA!) for super cheap.

This is so colorful and happy. I’m digging it!


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Mr. Linky

I have a crush on Mr. Linky. So many sites, so little time!

reinvented has linked to Kimba’s DIY day

and here’s Kimba‘s original DIY Day goodness

Shades of Pink has the Room a Month linky going on

Inspired Room is has a Beautiful Life

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more pink pajamas

Apparently I like pink. Here are the pink pajamas for our little friend Annie. If you look sideways, you’ll see Annie’s signature and drawing of a cat in light blue. That’s what I used as a “pattern”.

Here’s a close up of the completed cat and signature.

And here are the completed pajamas. The cat face fabric and the pajama bottoms are the same fabric.

I really like the process. When the kid outgrows the pajamas, the shirt can be made in to a pillow!

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bags bag

I’m attempting to make this. I bought the gigantumongo crochet hook yesterday, all excited to start on this great recycling project. Free materials! I have plenty-o-bags to cut up! Yea! But then I started.                   Hmph. Somehow it is not this great, relaxing, “oh look at me making a bag from bags” fun time. It is…..hard. Like who knew that plastic was not as bendy and giving as yarn?

My wise husband walked through the room, saw me struggling with my cut up bags, trying to turn them in to a ….bag….and the irony was not lost on him. “So, you are trying to make a bag …. from bags?”  Yes.

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pink pajamas! exclamation point!


Pajamas! That are totally wearable! I’m so excited! Can you tell by the exclamation points?!

My daughter drew a picture of a flower. I cut it out and used it as a pattern.


I attempted some fancy embroidery stitches, but as you can see I stuck with the basic satin stitch.

What else can I make? I’m itching for a project!

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for my ears

Making jewelry can be so relaxing. I love picking out color combinations, playing with the order, rolling the beads between my fingers….all of it! (Except for the wire bending. Making little loops actually makes me want to scream. But other than that….). I especially love organizing beads in those plastic embroidery floss containers. I love categorizing the beads by their color, shape, size and texture. I get giddy when I open a new bag of mixed beads that are just screaming to be organized! Does that say too much about my naturally OCD personality!?

Check out the earrings I made last night!


I don’t know if/when I’ll wear these (probably with a white tee shirt), but I like them!


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Here is the How Many Days Until Christmas calendar in all its glory. It has been a HUGE hit! Every morning, my daughter can’t wait to open the envelope for the day.

Along with the list below, I also added Pick a Christmas surprise and Paint a Christmas craft. I think 4 of the envelopes have “Pick a Christmas surprise” in them. I wrapped stocking stuffer type toys I bought last year at 75%-90% off at Target for these “surprises”.

I’m already thinking about next year’s calendar!


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