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tap tap tap……

is this thing on?

I have been all over the internet, getting sucked in to some fabulously crafty and home decorating blogs. My house is a wreck;  there are piles of clean laundry and loads of crap on my counters. And yet, I read blogs.

I’ll be back with some links for my “some day” pile. I should rename that my “someday when I stop READING and start DOING” pile.


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free is the word (is the word that you heard It’s got groove it’s got meaning)

I love free stuff. Disney has a great deal in 2009 — free admission to either park on your birthday!

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I don’t like Ike

We have electricity! Which is more than I can say for hundreds of our neighbors.

There used to be a beautifully blooming Redbud tree in the front yard. I loved the way it bloomed its happy, magenta colored fluffy flowers, but my husband didn’t like the way it was so very close to the house. Something about foundation and stuff. Anyway, now we don’t have the Redbud tree anymore, to my husband’s delight.

We also used to have a fence between our house and our neighbors. The fence is maybe 7 years old, so pretty new for fence years. (It would be 49 if it was a dog). Now we don’t have that fence anymore. I forget this every time I go to the bathroom. And ever time I walk around only semi-clothed. Hi neighbors! Who knew your kitchen and back yard porch were SO close to our bathroom!? Obviously not me. Over and over and over again.

As much as it sounds fun, sleeping in a closet with a grown man, a preschooler, a one month old and a pissed off cat is actually more comfortable than you’d think. I know.

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I’m an organizer. I drool in The Container Store. I empty out and re-order friends’ closets for fun. My house might not reflect my love for organizing (i.e. messy!) but certain aspects of my house are extremely organized. (i.e. my junk drawer is in order. So what if my counters are a mess?!)

I’ve discovered a new organizing obsession — TiVo.

We just got TiVo (…..might upgrade our 8-Track stereo in the car next….) and I’ve found great organizing pleasure in deleting TiVo’s recommendations in the Now Playing list. I actually look forward to going through it at the end of the day and deleting.

Oh, who am I kidding? Sometimes I can’t wait. I’ve been known to delete TWICE a day.


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frugal to the bone

Last night I went out with some girl friends. I only knew a few of the girls, and quickly found out I had NOthing in common with the girls I didn’t know. NO.THING. We met at the new, hot “see and be seen” place that just made me gag a little inside. I’m just not convinced that any glass of wine is worth $15. I ordered a beer. In a bottle. The way I like it.

My favorite part of the evening was when I got complimented on my very cute cute shoes.  I bought them for $5 on major clearance at The Mart of Wal last summer. FIVE BUCKS. Which is like, 1/324th of what everyone else’s shoes cost.

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putzing on the ‘puter

I have been spending far more time clicking away on the computer than crafting. I’m feeling a total crafting jones, but the closest I’ve come is admiring other people’s work. Here are some I’ve been drooling over lately

Polka Dot Pineapple is fun and refreshing. And also gives me ideas for my latest Yo Yo addiction. That’s the only crafty thing I’ve been doing — making Yo Yos. I have a ziploc bag of Yo Yos and nothing to do with them…..yet.

Grace Violet has a pink desk. I want it. And I want her craftability, too!

Plenty of ideas for scraps here, along with free patterns. Free is my favorite kind of pattern.

I want the Nester to come decorate my house.

Sparkle Power has tons of sewing ideas. She never titles her posts…..very mysterious!

And then June has been making me snort out loud. Funny, funny, funny stuff.

So as you can see, I’ve been busy. Very busy sitting in this comfy chair with my laptop…..


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bloggity blog blaaah

I have taken pictures of my newest crafty creations. And by “newest”, I mean “in the last two months”. I officially have too many projects, too many ideas, swarming in my head. I wish I had a big, fancy craft room because I’m kind of tired of the house looking like a pit. On any given day, I have the sewing machine, fabric yo-yo stuff (I’m becoming addicted to Yo Yos! addictive!) sewing supplies, jewelry making stuff, and scrapbooking stuff all in the family room at the same time. And our family room is NOT that big.

The scrapbooking stuff is spread out because we need to finish a big scrapbook project for our adoption (!) process. I was all over writing it. But now that it is time to put it on actual PAGES and make it look INTERESTING and not all SAPPY, I am frozen. I like to scrap, but I’ve only scrapped for myself. Now we are writing like the most important scrap book/letter EVER to….someone we don’t know. Intimidating. But it has to be finished by June 9th. So there.

I’ve also been making pajamas for kids, and I must say they are ADORABLE! The most recent pajamas I made were for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. Her friend drew a cat, and I embroidered her picture on to a shirt. Trust me on the cuteness until I get the pictures loaded. (And then, please act like it is cute even if you don’t think so because I am sensitive like that….).

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